Seller’s Tips

Curb Appeal: this is what your buyer sees before you even meet them!

  • Ensure the entrance is warm and welcoming. Consider cleaning, repainting, or staining the front door. Place potted plants or decoration on the outside of the house.
  • Replace dated or corroded outside light fixtures.
  • Maintain the landscaping. Ensure trees and bushes are pruned, and that flower beds are neat. Make sure the lawn stay mowed.
  • Determine if the outside of the house needs painting or touch-up. If so, hire a professional. It may just need a good power washing.
  • Remove old rotten sheds and structures that are no longer serving a purpose.
  • The fastest way to demonstrate the house is well maintained, is to clean the windows inside and out.
  • Ensure the roof looks in good repair. Replace any missing shingles if possible

House Appeal: What the buyer sees once you get them in the door!

  • Ensure the house is cleaned and uncluttered as much as possible. Open the curtains and let the light in.
  • Determine if the house needs decorating, a small investment in paint goes a long way.
  • Take a look around for loose hinges, loose door knobs, stuck drawers, dripping taps and fix them.
  • Make sure the entire house is available for viewing. The garage and attic should be clean and accessible as well.
  • Turn off all televisions and radios! Buyers prefer it to be quiet while making decisions.
  • When your agent brings a buyer around, you need to take the pets and family out for a drive or walk.
  • You are selling your house, not trying to sell them your old furnishings. Let the buyer bring up and additional items to be included in the sale.
  • Let your agent do the talking, it’s their job.